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About the gallery

Containing over 400 photographs from throughout the tournament - the photo gallery is a collection of photographs from 3 people: Phil Lawrence, Edwin Muir and Vicky Risianova.

Should you wish, you can order copies of any of these pictures from Photobox. Simply browse to the picture in question and click on the "Order" link above the photo. The photo should then be uploaded to Photobox and placed in a shopping basket for you. From the shopping basket you can change the format of the photo, or even other order it on other mediums - there are loads of possibilities! View the price list and available formats. The link to the shopping basket is also available from any photo gallery index page.

All images on this photo gallery are property of the photographer copyrighted on the main image. Please contact us if you wish to use any photographs for any purpose.

Please note that no money from the sale of the photographs will be going to the photographers, the World Championships or any of the governing bodies.

But what about the official photographs?

Regrettably we cannot include the official photographs within this photo gallery - it acts to complement the official photographs, not include or replace it. The sheer number of official photographs means that we don't have the space on this website to accommodate them. If you would like to order the official photographs, then please contact us.